How to Prevent Arthritis in Fingers and Hands

07 Oct

How to prevent arthritis in fingers as well as hands is something you can actually do. Not all of us would gain arthritis and some of us that are predisposed to it wouldn’t want to get it but that is not something you can control just like rheumatoid arthritis. When you get osteoarthritis, it is mostly through us getting old and even the wear and tear of our joints which may still be out of our control. But there are still ways to prevent arthritis and getting relief from the pain it causes can also be done.

Here are some of the things that you can do on your end to be able to prevent arthritis:

  1. Positioning is very important. Body mechanics is a very important factor when we move around or even in the things we do. The problem is, we never follow this and as a result we gain the painful disorder we don’t want. A good example would be office workers. When you work and you sit down for long hours and just do a lot of typing, making sure everything is in proper place. This means that your working space should be 2 inches below your bent elbow to reach the proper height. Your chair should have an arm rests and you should sit well so that your feet back are supported same as your forearms. This can prevent arthritis in your fingers and hands.

  2. Clutching can also be something that you should avoid. Shoulder bags are more recommended than having to pinch items like clutch purses especially in between the fingers and your thumb. You should also try holding mugs with your hand rather than gripping the mug’s handle.

  3. Ergonomics always plays part in the development of arthritis especially when you are someone that uses tools. For example, if your hand is subjected to be balled up for hours while working then it would lead to arthritis sooner than you think. Using the right tools that have the right ergonomics to your own condition can help you prevent yourself from gaining the disease.

  4. Exercising your hands and fingers will always help. If you keep your joints moving then you will be able to avoid gaining arthritis. Exercise is even of the treatments that are used to treat rheumatoid arthritis for you to be able to make sure that the joints are strong and limber. You can do this holding up your hand and splaying your fingers. Stretching can also be done. Pulling your fingers gently back can help. Try clenching and unclenching your fists. Massaging can help relax your hands and fingers and it starts to hurt, you can try soothing and warm topical arthritic cream to be applied to your hands.

  5. Moving your hands and fingers the right way should also be observed. Prolonged pinching or gripping or anything that causes your hands to do forceful gestures should always be avoided. Modifying your hand and finger movements to eliminate the stress is the main goal to this.

  6. If you pay attention to what you do with your hands and fingers then you will be able to avoid arthritis. Never place your hands on repeated stressful situations because it will cause pain. We use our hands and fingers more often than we know so if we can be able to avoid repeated over usage of them, then we can avoid getting them deformed as well. Always remember that wear and tear happens even to our bodies.

    The last means to help you prevent arthritis is taking supplements that are rich inchondroitin sulfate, MSM, vitamins C and D, glucosamine and boron. They strengthen the joints and help you keep them healthy along with exercise as part of your own daily routine. This will prevent arthritis as well.

How to prevent arthritis in fingers and hands can be done. The basic principle is to never overuse your own body. Make sure you pay attention to what you do and make your hands and fingers as stress free as you can. Supplements and exercise can also help you with strengthening your joints and this can help prevent arthritis as well. Follow these simple advices and you can lessen your chances of getting arthritis in your hands and fingers.

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